Kelethelas Docks

" Kelethelas Docks are busy with activity at most times of day. Much trade comes here from the Sea to the south as well as Olde Town to the North evidenced by the crests on the bowsprints of the vessels. The famous river boat The River God is docked here currently."

Kelethelas Docks have a lot of traffic in and out, and characters can charter a boat to bring them to any sea connected area for a fee.

Charter a sailing ship: 20 crew, 40 GP per day. 48 miles per day.
Charter a Keelboat : 1 crew, 3 gp per day, 15 miles per day

Just passengers?
Sailing ship in 1d8 days for 3 gp per day, 48 miles per day

Kelethelas Docks

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