Falconcliff Temple of Ulaa

This run-down temple is devoted to Ulaa. Until recently, this land was overrun with all manner of undead and malevolent spirits. Rumor has it a group of adventurers being called “The Consecrators” broke the long standing curse and returned the area to health. The day to day going’s on are handled by Brother Geraldamere a human follower of Ulaa.

Knowledge DC 20:
This temple was Constructed in 3386 in order to make offerings to Incabulos so that he would lift the plague from the city of Falconcliff. Priests of Incabulos were all to eager to accept plague victims for the glory of their God. The city folk were happy to have the plague carriers out of the city.

The clergy took in sick people on their black carriages who would come through the town weekly. The hysteria caused by the plague led to a sort of witch hunt of disease carriers. Some political rivals would report on each other to get them quarantined despite a person not being sick. Jaxar Osgrey was one of these people.

Jaxar was crammed into the mausoleum with the other quarantined people. As could be expected he contracted the disease from the I’ll people around him. He managed to convince Groundskeeper Gurner to find a magic scroll. When Jaxar and his cohort were brought to the temple proper to be offered to Incabulos, he gave the last of his strength to use the scroll and say a prayer to Incabulos to cure his disease. After his remarkable recovery, he was welcomed into the clergy.

The plague continues and the clergies ranks swell. It is soon discovered that Rider Korben has been taking bribes to commit healthy people to the quarantine. There is a public uproar which culminates in Black Riders being killed by bannermen of House Spirre. Soon the plague subsides and the church’s influence wanes.

Jaxar secretly infects High Pestilent Zeiden with a new disease who then convinces the clergy to contract the same disease in order to reach the same heights as during the Red Plague. The clergy die one by one while the notable initiate removes the disease on himself. He then leaves the temple and gets revenge on the noble family which put him in the quarantine. With the help of his carefully crafted disease, Brother Jaxar the Pestilent, Godspark of Incabulos, becomes the one of the most infamous figures in the first half of this millenia.

Falconcliff Temple of Ulaa

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