Battle of Eastmark Mill

The Battle of Eastmark Mill marks the 1st major conflict between Gom Gatecrasha and the Province of Calderra.

Belligerents :
Broken Arrow Tribe led by Gom Gatecrasha

Calderran Regulars led by Silvir Sunbringer

Goms raids on civilizized territory became increasingly frequent and men in the region took up arms banding together to form the Calderran Regulars. They formed under the militant army of the Church of Pelor. The regulars were no match for the brutality of Gom’s horde, which until this point, no one realized the size and power of the army at Gom’s command.

The battle reached a turning point when Silvir Sunbringer challenged Gom to single combat. Gom charged Sunbringer astride his beloved boar mount. Silvir expertly received the charge and dealt a mortal blow to the Warlords mount. In turn, Gom decapitated Silvir, and ate his body after the rout of the Calderran forces. He wears the shrunken head of Silvir around his neck to this day in remembrance of his vengance.

Battle of Eastmark Mill

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