The Godsparks is a Campaign world unlike any other. High fantasy environments such as DnD often have a high level of magic incorporated in them, but the repercussions of this magic are not examined. The best example is healing magic and Resurrection. In a world where disease, pain and even death are all financial setbacks – society would break down. Poor plague victims would threaten and lynch Clerics for not casting remove disease on entire populations. Barring extenuating circumstances, heads of state would never die until well into old age. The longer lived races would be far more powerful if lifespan is the only inhibition on length of reign. These are simply the most obvious consequences of this magic, but there are plenty more.

In order to take this into account I wanted a campaign world where a dead king would stay dead and his supporters would be able to do nothing but change the guard. I wanted a world where a soldier could die from festering wounds and a simple cleric would not be able to save him. This was only possible by removing or severely limiting healing magic. The problem to solve then is that healing magic is very central to the balance of the game of DnD. Loss of a healer and resurrection magic is an entirely different game. It would be possible to greatly abstract concepts of HP and healing as something closer to morale and will to fight, but that would be a lot of re-skinning of abilities. I realized that if I allow only the PCs to receive healing magic, that solves both problems – and it adds to the idea of player character exceptionalism. This was furthered with the introduction of the Godsparks idea where there are a handful of people in the world who are Godsparks and can be healed. This additionally allows for great NPC villains in the same vein. These changes allow a gritty interpretation of high fantasy that has a great amount of latitude in presenting its Heroes and Villains.